Bloody Mary by Leo and David


Transcript: Bloody Mary


4 thoughts on “Bloody Mary by Leo and David

  1. Here is what i learnt that it may not be a bad thing to see Mary at night. First theory was about Queen Mary one which is the only living child of Henry 8th first wife.(very true story)She was split by her mother and she had a bad childhood which effect her life. Second theory was a village a women named Mary, her room was filled with missing child body. She was believed a witch. This is what I learn to improve that they discuss every story after they found after telling it. Also using they’re own experiment which i didn’t.


  2. The interesting fact did I learn is the process of Bloody Mary. Stand in the bathroom with one candle say Bloody Mary into 3 times in midnight. The music is really good and scary. They talked about folktales, and I talked about serial killer.


  3. This is a very terror story. I am very interesting for it. I think nobody will get up at 3:am in the morning,and go too the matter the recording and grammar all is very good.


  4. I have heard about bloody mary. She was cruel and frenetic. Also the story about the girl play oujia at night is exciting. This is different from mine because it talked about a lore, not about true crime. The music is good and the information is organized.


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