Hell Hounds by Frances and Wilson


Transcript: Hellhound2-1


2 thoughts on “Hell Hounds by Frances and Wilson

  1. This episode is about the folk legend. I have known an example of Hellhound. They talked about Cerbrus which is a kind of hellhound and they talked about that from many stories so I could know what some people or other people would think. The speech was not fast so I could understand what they said.


  2. Here is what I learned that Hunds dogs was named burier dog, they looking for died soul and Prevent people escape after life. Street dogs the origin of Hell Dog belong to hades. Cerberus which known as monster dog, can turn people from stone. Dog means the guide of after life. There were record that church were attack but huge culture look like dog. Nothing much i can learn to improve mine project.There was no interact between Frances and Wilson at all the structure were just fine. But still they are voice are quite clear unlike the last which Leo and David did, music was almost covering they’re voice.


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