Jack the Ripper by Shuheng and Jason


Transcript: Jack the Ripper 2-1


3 thoughts on “Jack the Ripper by Shuheng and Jason

  1. Jack the Ripper is kind of pervert. He kills a lot of women by cutting their bully. Their episode is clear and has complete story. Their background music is nice.


  2. His cruel means made me interested for this story.this story tall us the different people how too die ,but did not show us what another things happened,for example ,summary ,introduction…this is different too my.I think his capacity of generation is very goood.every story is very clearly and minute too show us.


  3. I learnt Jack alway kill women and prostitute live in the east London. He is a serial kill. Hegot famous by sending letter after he kill people. At that time many immigrant were move in Britain, caused by poverty, many women became prostitute. Jack usually cut women throat. Jack was not been caught. most of the time when they reading cases, music cover their voice of reading,and i cant not tell what are taking about, no interaction at all, i cant learn anything at all from them to improve mine.Vice of reading got even weaker and weaker at the end.


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