Jeffrey Dahmer by Nemo and Hannah

Transcript: Jeffrey Dahmer


3 thoughts on “Jeffrey Dahmer by Nemo and Hannah

  1. Jeffery Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender, he was good at chemistry. Nemo and Hannah speak English well and fluently. Their background is also good and their story is clear and brief.


  2. The killer in this story was so creepy and insane. He killed people and dissected them. Also he took a photo while killing people. The killer in this story has the same feature with mine that they both have mental disorder. The killer in my story has abusive parents, but their is good. The background music goes through the whole story, and it is quite distracted.


  3. Jeffrey dahmer is a brutal killer,he ate the dead bodies.he is same too ED Gein they all have psychological illness.their recordings are very good. I


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