The Cecil Hotel by Mandy and Jennifer


Transcript: The Cecil Hotel


4 thoughts on “The Cecil Hotel by Mandy and Jennifer

  1. I saw them working on their project. Their episode is about a hotel called The Cecil Hotel in LA. In the hotel, some mysterious crime happened. One person suicide with crazy reason. It was kind of funny. I like their background song and also I like their speech.


  2. I learned that be safe wherever we are. The episode is about one things, it’s different to mind. But it also said about dead. And I knew something from news is that the girl was murdered by her boyfriend.


  3. Bascially, I knew this story a little bit in China before. And because Mandy and Jennifer, I can deeply know what happen in The Cecil Hotel in La. Their speech is really good and the music is really interesting.


  4. They introduced Death of Elisa Lam which is scary and gross. It Was also famous in China. Their episode is excellent and clear. Their background music is nice as well.


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